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Triple Fresh Neighbors supports local charities and non-profits!

Let our Neighbors help!

Triple Fresh Neighbors is about caring for everyone in our community, like a neighbor should. Triple Fresh supports a number of local charities in a variety of ways. Please contact us about Hoagie Fundraisers, Charity Events, Belly Rewards, Barbecues, Beef and Beers, and other programs we offer to aid the local community.

Within a few weeks of partnering with F4, Triple Fresh was a ble to donate over $1,000 of their excess food to a local non-profit in need. The weekly Triple Fresh donations are so important to their local community because they are providing not only food, but nutrition to people in need. Thank you Jim, and Triple Fresh for all you are doing to make a positive impact in so many lives your community! F4 is blessed to be partnered with such a caring and giving organization like yours!

Pam Lathbury

Program Coordinator, Fiorenza's Food For Friends

Please help us support our friends and neighbors, either with a donation to Triple Fresh Neighbors, or by contacting any of the following charities directly.

David’s Drive 831

David’s Drive 831 is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) public charity committed to improving the quality of life for hospitalized and homeless veterans and people in need in the community.
“To serve those who served for us.” 831

Fiorenza’s Food For Friends

F4 is a non-profit organization that is taking unprecedented steps to eradicate hunger in America! We are creating “Hunger Awareness” with a strategic and innovative food recovery and production process.

F4 connects available perishable and nonperishable sources of food to people in need in their local communities for free.

Phoenixville Area Community Service

Since 1972, Phoenixville Area Community Services has been dedicated to helping people get through difficult or challenging periods in their lives. Emergency assistance is provided through food distribution and Information & Referral services that help get our clients back on their feet.

Jubilee Evangelical Ministries

Working with the Chester County Food Bank, Jubilee has expanded to food distribution as well, with a monthly pantry (every fourth Thursday of the month) where food baskets are given out to between 60-70 families who register. The weekly meals average about 80-100 meals, which adds up to roughly 800 meals each month! Three years ago, the church launched a summer feeding program to help kids who normally get subsidized school meals.

The People’s Hall

The Board of Trustees is committed to returning People’s Hall to its rightful status as an important community building. They are seeking additional recognition, support, and funding to preserve this threatened propery. 

People’s Hall has been declared “At Risk” by Preservation PA and is listed among Pennsylvania’s most endangered historic resources.

LaMancha Animal Rescue

A No-Kill Shelter, rescues and finds homes for not only horses but also dogs, cats, goats, and the occasional exotic animal that requires more space or specialized knowledge than most SPCAs can offer.